Fareham Chess Club has about thirty members and is based in Fareham, Hampshire. We meet every Tuesday evening for casual chess, club competitions and matches against other local clubs who participate in the Portsmouth and District League, and the Southampton League.

We welcome players of all standards and of all ages, including beginners and juniors. We also hold a Junior chess club on Saturday mornings. See the Contact page (under the Home menu) on where to find us and details of the venue.

COVID-19 News
The club is now open again for those that want to play chess face to face. You can play chess online, with the Fareham chess club setting up its own Lichess team, on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Sign up for Lichess at lichess.org, its free to join.

The possible completion of the 2019/20 season has not been decided yet, but once news is available an update will be posted here.

The new monthly grades are now being used, a link is available on the grading page.