Estlin Trophy

This is an all-play-all material odds tournament, with one point for a win & half a point for a draw. This took place on Tuesday 14th September 2021.

With 14 entries this was the most players we have had in the Estlin for quite a while.

The final scores were as follow:

Nicholas Deacon 9.5
Liam Andrews 9.5
Roland Bezuidenhout 8
Dave Deacon 8
Matthew Deacon 8
Tony Corkett 8
Gerhard Bezuidenhout 7.5
Dave Elliott 6
Roger Marsh 4.5
Tom Philidor 4
Peter Cruddas 4
Chris Budden 4
Dave Anderson 3
Jim Craig 2

The Material odds are listed below:

Grading DifferenceMaterial Odds
0-20No QBP each
66-110KBP + QNP
391-590QR + QN
791-999Q + QN
1000+Q + QR

For members without a Grading, the Tournament Controller allocates a Grading for the purpose of this Competition.