(Approved at the Annual General Meeting held on 1st September 2015)

  1. NAME: The name of the Club shall be the FAREHAM CHESS CLUB.

  1. CLUBROOMThe Clubroom shall be at the Duke of Connaught’s Own Club (DoCOC) in Western Road, Fareham, or at any other convenient place as shall be decided initially, if necessary, by the Committee and then in General Meeting.

  1. PURPOSEThe Club’s purpose is to promote interest, within Fareham, in all aspects of the game of Chess..

  1. CLUB NIGHTThe Club Night will be Tuesday evenings starting at 7:30pm, or at any other convenient day and/or time as shall be decided initially, if necessary, by the Committee and then in General Meeting.

  1. SEASONThe season shall be the full year commencing on 1st September.

  1. MEMBERSHIPMembership is open to everyone. If a complaint is made about any member of the Club (by another member of the Club or otherwise), then the Committee will decide whether it is necessary either for the complainee to be expelled from the Club or if his/her membership should be withdrawn for a specific period.

During the time the Clubroom is at the DoCOC, a condition of Club membership, for those aged 18 and older, is having paid-up membership of the DoCOC.

  1. SUBSCRIPTIONSAnnual subscriptions shall be determined in General Meeting and shall be payable following that General Meeting or, for new Members, when joining. The Treasurer may decide to receive quarterly subscription payments when he/she considers that this is appropriate.

  1. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: Either just before, on or soon after the commencement of each season, the Secretary shall convene an Annual General Meeting (AGM) by giving not less than 7 days notice in writing (email where possible) to all Members. Voting shall be by a show of hands and restricted to paid-up Members.

    A Quorum for an AGM shall be 6 Members.

  1. EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING: An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be called within 21 days after receipt of a written request (email where possible) to the Secretary by any 4 Members, such request to contain details of the business to be discussed. The Secretary must give not less than 7 days notice in writing (email where possible) to all Members for an EGM. A Quorum for an EGM shall be 6 Members.

  2. COMMITTEEThe Club will be governed by a Committee with the framework of the Constitution Rules. This Committee is to be elected by Members in General Meeting and shall comprise of:-

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Equipment Officer
  • Vice – President
  • Web Master
  • League A Team Captains
  • Secretary
  • Tournament Organiser

Members elected to more than one post will only have one vote at Committee Meetings.

  1. COMMITTEE MEETINGS: The Secretary shall call Committee Meetings to be held as necessary. A quorum for Committee Meetings will be 3.

  1. CLUB ACTIVITIESIt will be decided at the AGM on the external & internal involvement by the Club & its Members for the new season.

  1. TROPHIES: All Club Trophies remain the property of the Club & must be handed to the Secretary on demand.

  1. ACCOUNTS: The Treasurer will maintain records of monies received & expended and submit to the Members in General Meeting a Balance Sheet & Revenue Account for the year to 30th August preceding the meeting.
  1. WEBSITE: The Web Master will maintain the Fareham Chess Club website containing all matters relevant to the Club & its Members

  1. EQUIPMENT: The Equipment Officer will maintain an on-going inventory of the chess clocks, chess boards & chess sets owned by the Club.

  1. DISPUTESAll disputes about Club Competitions should be referred in the first instance to the Tournament Organiser and all disputes about External Games should be referred in the first instance to the appropriate Team’s Captain. Should it become necessary, the dispute will then be referred to the Committee, whose decision will be (as regards the Club) will be final & binding on all parties.
  1. ALTERATION TO THE RULESNo alteration of, or additions to, these rules shall be made except by Members in General Meeting.