06/08/20 Rapidplay

Fareham Chess Club held a rapidplay tournament on Tuesday 6th August, the format being a 5 round Swiss, with 15 minutes on the clock for each player.

Results were as follows:

1A Brameld 4+bye+w5=b6=w4+b7

K Gregory

3F Graham3.5+b10=w8+b4+w6-b2
4D Deacon 3.5+w17+b2-w3=b1+b11
5M Chapman 3.5+w12-b1+b11+w8=b6
6M Edwards 3+w15+b14=w1-b3=w5
7T Black 3+b20=w11=b8+w10-w1
8J Coburn 3+w19=b3=w7-b5+b13
9D Elliott 3-w18+b15+w13-b2+w16
10M Deacon3-w3+b22+w14-b7+b12
11R Marsh 2.5+w16=b7-w5+b14-w10
12M Canham 2-b5+b17-w2+b15-w10
13A Butler 2-w2+w20-b9+b19-w8
14A Syed2+b21-w6-b10-w11+b20
15J Butler 2-b6-w9+b19-w12+w22
16M Street 2-b11-w19+b20+w17-b9
17A Krajewski 2-b4-w12+w22-b16+w19
18T Corkett 1+b9
19M Butler 1-b8+b16-w15-w13-b17
20D Longman 1-w7-b13-w16+b22-w14
21M Hartridge0
22D Pratt 0-w14-w10-b17-w20-b15